Saturday, January 28, 2006

Canadian trivia

I found this website about Canadian trivia, it is called Proud Canadian Kids ( This is a kid friendly site. I decided to look for things for the grade 4 social studies curriculum. I won't pinpoint one spot in the curriculum because it does have things that pertain to most of what is to be learned in this curriculum.
I liked this site because it is a good lauch site for students. There isn't really any information on this page, rather it has links to other pages that are specifically about certain topics. For example it has links for Canadian peoples, government, emblems and flags, etc. I liked the fact that it is a guided search on websites that do hold information that grade 4 students would actually be looking for. I also think this site makes a good intergration between the curriculum and technology, by using this site students get the opportunity to explore on their own and look at different sites, but because this is more of a guide, there is less of a chance for students to get off topic.
This site is designed by a school teacher in Ontario, so she is familiar with what interests students and what sites could be useful in a classroom situation. I also like the bits of trivia that you are able to look up while on this site.
I would recomend this site to others who would want to intergrate technology with curriculum.

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