Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Math can be fun!!


This site was off of one of the sites Jo gave us to look at.
I chose this site because I had such a hard time with understanding fractions when I first started to learn about them. I like this site because it walks you through fractions right from the begining. You can try problems at each step to see if you understand. I think this site would work well for the grade 5 to 6 curriculum, when you start to learn to reduce fractions as well as add them together to make a whole (or not). I find it really important to be able to visualize this concept. I think that using an internet site may add a little more excitement. As well if you know a student is struggling in a certain portion of a class, by being able to show them this site and encouraging them to use it may be more benificial then sending home extra home work in this area. I know that if this technology would have been available to me when I was younger and stuggling with fractions I would have looked at it and probably not thought it was as much of a chore.
I think this would be the type of site that I would put on a class website to assist students who are stuggling or students who are naturally curious and wanting to learn on their own.

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