Sunday, February 26, 2006

Our Solar System

Learn all about our solar system at Windows to the Universe.
This website offers information on our planet, our solar system, astronomy and the universe. This site would work well for a grade 3 science class on the solar system. With this website students could research different planets. There are some interesting facts and pictures. This site is mostly words, but there is a lot of information. I think I would use this site because it would allow students to see pictures of what we are talking about. As well it breaks down information of all the planets in a contents page for each planet, because of this students would be allowed to chose where to look for information and what information is inportant for them and for their project.

Monday, February 13, 2006


How Fast are You?!

I found this math website that is great for students who want to challenge themselves, and race against the clock. I have to admit that I didn't really like the game at first (I am too slow), it kind of reminds me of mad minutes. I changed my mind when I changed the settings. You can choose how many questions to answer and in how many minutes. This game is called speed grid challege. It is an addition challenge where you add ? +?= (a given #), all of the numbers are on a grid, there are 16 to choose from. The numbers are mostly two digit numbers added together, but they do switch it up. I think this website would be good for math in a grade 3-4 classroom. Students are going to be at different points in the classroom, this game can be used as a challenge for students, or a personal test for themselves. The part of this website that I like the most is the students can set their own level of difficulty. This way all students can feel sucessful on this site. I had fun playing it once I realized that I could set the game for me so I could win!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Math can be fun!!

This site was off of one of the sites Jo gave us to look at.
I chose this site because I had such a hard time with understanding fractions when I first started to learn about them. I like this site because it walks you through fractions right from the begining. You can try problems at each step to see if you understand. I think this site would work well for the grade 5 to 6 curriculum, when you start to learn to reduce fractions as well as add them together to make a whole (or not). I find it really important to be able to visualize this concept. I think that using an internet site may add a little more excitement. As well if you know a student is struggling in a certain portion of a class, by being able to show them this site and encouraging them to use it may be more benificial then sending home extra home work in this area. I know that if this technology would have been available to me when I was younger and stuggling with fractions I would have looked at it and probably not thought it was as much of a chore.
I think this would be the type of site that I would put on a class website to assist students who are stuggling or students who are naturally curious and wanting to learn on their own.