Sunday, July 29, 2007

Making a Wiki

Well I can say that I am new to this assignment. I have never been involved in making a wiki before and I can honestly say I don't know when I would have looked at one (beyond wikipedia). I did get quite excited on Wednesday when we were talking about our assignment in which we make a collaborative wiki with a few people in our class as well as some from a masters class a Plymoth State university. We came up with some really neat ideas to possibly work on together. I am really intersted in looking at ways of introducing technology into certain subject with in K-8. Talking with Kyle on monday really got me thinking of different ways I could do this project. Kyle has made wiki's before which also makes me feel a little bit more comforatable as he would know what to do. I am sure I would catch on quickly it is just that safety factor when it comes to school work.
I myself am really intersted in science and would love to find neat ways to incorporate techology in my classroom.
I just thought I would post some sites that I have found that are relevant to technology with in a science classroom based on the evergreen curriculum.

Rube Golberg assignments- structure and design or forces and motion, machines and work

Ecological foot print- Sk resources, renewable resources, energy in our lives, Earth

I will keep adding to this as I find more pages.

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thekyleguy said...

Hey Erin, I don't know how far you have got on the wiki project but I want you to know that I am definitely in for helping out. Just got back from a BC camping trip and it is out to the cabin in the morning but just until Monday. Didn't want to leave you high dry...