Monday, July 30, 2007

Well I may have found a solution to my own problem (re: peer editing online). I was reading a post by Jo McLeay on global colaboration. She is hoping to start a English language arts collaboration with classrooms in other parts of the world. She is hoping to set up something on Ning, which is a social network. Now I am a little leary about social networks, but maybe this is just because I don't know enough about them. I think of facebook and myspaces a social networks, althought this one sounds like you can have a special group. Again I need to learn more. Jo also refered to a wiki that is very similar to her idea that is already up and running. A thousand and one flat world tales, this wiki can be used by students ages 11 and up. This wiki is currently being used by classrooms in Seoul, Korea, Denver, CO. and Hawaii. The idea behind this wiki is that students can post stories, they are edited by their peers (which includes the students from classrooms around the world), and they get graded on their story but also how well they can give useful feedback to their peers. It looks like everything is monitored by their teachers.
I would love to do something like this with my grade 7 class in the fall. I have already emailed my cooperative teacher to find out if this is something she would be interested in too, before I go too far with it.
But who know a little exploration of my RSS feeds would lead me to a solution for my own problem.

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Shareski said...

I hope you contact Jo. She'd be very willing to work and collaborate with you.