Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My Photo Story

Well for a class assignment we were asked to do some digital story telling. I descided to used Photo Story for this assignment. I am familiar with imovie and I thought this might be similar. It was and it wasn't. This application seems to be strictly for photos (which is something schools would have more of anyway), so it was different trying to edit it. I was able to navigate through it pretty easily, and it didn't take too long to complete it. I ran into a few problems though: creating blank, non-picture slides for a title or subtitles, so I had to go into paint and save what I wanted and add that to the story. Also when it came to recording I discovered that you couldn't narriate the entire story, you could only narriate one picture at a time. I had originally wanted narriation over some music, but that turned out to be difficult as I had to add my narriation as music, once I recorded it on the computers sound recorder. It is an interesting application and I could see where you could use in school or for familly photos. I will keep looking into how to solve the music and narriation problem.
But in the mean time check out what I have done so far!


Shareski said...

Nice first effort. Agreed imovie and photostory have some differences and also you're correct in determining that schools generally have more access to photos.
One way to get title slides is use powerpoint...create your title and choose save as jpeg as an option.

Amber said...

I enjoyed viewing your video. Very informative. I had no idea such an event took place. Thanks for the eye opener and great information!

Nickster said...

Hey Erin. Good job on your video. I too thought it was informative, and never had heard of this before.