Monday, August 06, 2007

a wiki is easy

Well I just opened my very fist wiki space. I am really surprised at how easy it was. I am one of those that will try and put up a tent with out following the directions, it is just part of the fun to make mistakes. Needless to say I do the same when I play on the Internet. I like to just figure it out as I go along. I find I remember better that way and really when it comes to the Internet or computers you can almost always go back to fix it.
I chose to do a wiki on integration of technology through out the curriculum. I already had some ideas for this and that is partly why I chose to do it. But I am also really interested in ways that I can get students involved with technology. Chances are those students will know it better than me anyway.
As you can tell from previous blogs I have an interest in using these resources that are available to us, and seeing if it changes the way students approach their learning. I find by adding some form of technology to the an assignment I am allowing my students to have more creative ideas, and hopefully give them many different ways to complete the same assignment.
This past year while I was doing my pre internship in a grade 4/5 class I had to teach geometry. So as a culminating project I had my students make a Geometry Treasure hunt around the school. The students were in small groups and had to pick shapes from around the school and count steps to it. After they had found 4 or 5 different shapes they could get there treasure hunt looked at by a teacher. If everything was ok, they were able to take out the digital cameras and take pictures of the shapes they saw. They were then able to write/print out the directions and the pictures and send one of the other groups on their treasure hunt. The students loved it and I ended up making a book of all of the treasure hunts to leave in the classroom, as I had students who were asking to be able to do them all. I know this is just a small form of technology, but it is a simple way for students to become involved in their own learning as well as the learning of others.
I guess I am hoping to get lots of ideas from this wiki that I created. I am hoping there are more teachers like me who are wanting to incorporate more technology into their teaching.

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