Monday, August 13, 2007

Chicken teaching the Hen

So I am following in the steps of my Mother, I am going to be a teacher! I have spent my whole life in kindergarten and have the greatest respect for all kindergarten teachers, especially ones that stick with it for 30 years (like my Mom). Unlike my Mom I would rather not teach kindergarten, I always say I would rather have students who are more independent, again good thing for kindergarten teachers. Although when it comes right down to it that is the age group I have the most experience with as I have been in a kindergarten class just about as long as my Mom (visiting, field trip, helping out, etc.) I have learnt a lot during my education and can usually think of ways to adapt it to all grades, if need be. But computers and technology is proving to be a little bit tougher, especially when I think of kindergarten.
During this class I have been learning about new ways to integrate technology into teaching, whether it be to help the teacher or the classroom learning. When I get really excited about ideas I will go down stairs and show my Mom right away thinking I am passing on all of these great ideas, but a lot of them won't work for her or she won't work for them.
After I learnt about voicethread, I showed my Mom a clip about a boy explaining his artwork while his artwork was displayed. I thought this would be a neat way for her to use technology in kindergarten. There are usually lots of pictures done in kindergarten you wish you had an explanation for.
I also showed my Mom about blogs. I showed her a couple we were sent about grade one, and then showed her how to explore kindergarten blogs by going into Google and picking a search on blogs (just like you would on images).
I was also really excited to tell her all about and social bookmarking. I thought this would come in really handy so she could find things at home and use them at school.
Most of the things I told her about we will just have to see. I think if she had me to help her out with the technical side of things she might be more willing to try them. But who knows I could have taught her something that she may use.
I am still on the look out for options for kindergarten teachers for integrating technology into their classroom. I am not saying my Mom doesn't have technology in her classroom, she does have a classroom website. But I would like to learn more. I think the biggest barriers for kindergarten is where they are developmentally. They can't read (directions), they may not have the motor control to move the mouse or keys to play games (but yes this is how they learn)and they also can't focus on one thing too long or they loose interest.
So if anyone can give me some good idea for integrating technology into the kindergarten classroom, I am all ears!

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Shareski said...

Really nice post. You're fortunate to have a mother who will help you along your way.

Regarding specific technologies for Kindergarten I do think VoiceThread is well suited. Students don't need to be able to write just talk. Take photos of a field trip or even a class project and have them each add comments. Parents could add comments as well.