Monday, August 27, 2007

The real thing!

Well I am going into day 3 as an intern, day 2 with students. I have had a hard time trying to decide what kind of technology I would like to use in the classroom as a "mother page". I have been looking for a way to communicate with my students, and parents about what is going on in the classroom. I have been told how well blogs work for this, but since I have negative connotations with blogging (yes it is slowly changing since I am doing this for myself and not for a mark in class)I decided to try a wiki. This allows students to add to it if they would like. I can see who is changing or adding to the wiki and I can choose who is able to edit. I feel I have a lot of control over it, while still allowing students to add to it. I will give it a try, who knows what will happen... at least I will learn.
Check out the wiki and let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions.


Shareski said...

I'd have to say that wikis are generally easier to implement since they feel more like a typical webpage. The blog, especially in our context shows more transparency and many teachers aren't comfortable with that.

I hope you don't completely abandoned it.....I'll always read and value your thinking.

Hope things go well.

thekyleguy said...

Hey Erin. Good idea, I have been struggling with the same decision. I think I have settled on a class motherblog and have students respond through comment.

I want to point you out to this potential problem. The google ad bar at the bottom of the page has a link under the question 'Who's the perfect lover?'. I don't know where the link goes, but it is something to be cautious of.

I am following along so keep me posted.


Erin said...

Thanks for the support. I will keep my eye the link. Good luck with the blogging Kyle, send me the link. I will have to keep checking your blog, maybe you will post it there.
Hope internship is going well.