Thursday, August 16, 2007

Envisioning my future classroom

Well if I had my way my future classroom would be the outdoors. Seriously, like the Outdoor School Program or Ecoquest program, this is the kind of learning I want my students to do, hands on experiential learning.
So far there is no such thing where student are outside all of the time, and whether we like it or not this is the digital age and all of our students are "connected". So with that I would learn to use technology in what every way would best compliment my classroom.
Now in real life I will probably spend my time in a "regular" classroom, if there is such a thing, each class is so unique. So I would pick and choose depending on my class. Blogging is not my favorite tool, I am not a big fan of doing it myself, but I can see the usefulness of it. Keeping the students connected as a class, a network which could allow for assessment in all different subjects as well as a great way of communication between students and teachers and students with students.
I really like the possibilities that wiki's present to the classroom. I like that they can be collaborative with in the classroom or the whole world. I also like that you can see how much a student has participated in a project. I think this is the hardest part about giving out group projects is determining who is pulling their weight or not. Giving credit where credit is due.
I can see myself using things like photo story, and VoiceThread in my classroom a lot. I really like how practical these application can be and how useful they can be through out multiple subjects. I can also see myself using them, and I can use them with ease. I think this would reflect on my students enjoyment of the project as well.
During this class I have seen some very useful applications for YouTube. I always thought they were for stupid videos or jokes, but there are some very useful things posted on this site. From science experiments, to good advice to follow, and presentations on useful information.
I see technology as something that is just there, it isn't so much of a chore as my parents may look at it. I have learnt that you got to try it out and be willing to experiment and most of all if it doesn't work the first time, then you can try it again. I can see myself using technology in my classroom a lot, especially if I am in a school where it is easy to come by. Last year during my pre-internship in a grade 4/5 I had set up hot lists and web hunts for my students. This way the students could learn the information, play with the information that they learnt, help each other out and most of all become more comfortable with searching the web for information. I had a lot of fun doing these projects, I know the students did as well. If I am comfortable using technology in my pre-internship I am sure that I will keep using it once I get into my own classroom.
I will use the technology as long as I find a use for it in my classroom and find that my students are engaged and enjoy the learning. I am excited to learn more about technology and see how it will work out for me in the classroom, where ever that may be.


Shareski said...

I love the concept of the Eco School in Saskatoon. To me it really demonstrates the way real learning needs to look even without technology. That said, imagine how much richer the experience might be if they could post their work and connect with experts as the explore the world.

I'll be watching for good work coming from you classrooms.

Brian said...

An entirely out door classroom is an awesome idea. Brian